TagUI tutorial 1 - goodreads.com - Part 1


Take a look at the website: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/118408.New_York_Times_2017_Ten_Best

We want to grab the title of the list "New York Times 2017 Ten Best" as indicated by the red arrow below:



read //h1[@class="gr-h1 gr-h1--serif"] to title
echo "title = " + title


Line 1: The double slash // in TagUI denotes comments
Line 2: Go to the website: https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/118408.New_York_Times_2017_Ten_Best
Line 3: read the list title to the variable title
  • In Chrome browser, right click on the title and choose "Inspect". The Chrome Developer Tools will be displayed and you will see that the HTML of the title is:
  • <h1 class="gr-h1 gr-h1--serif">New York Times 2017 Ten Best</h1>
  • Hence we use the following XPath to get the title:
    //h1[@class="gr-h1 gr-h1--serif"]

    Note: if you are new to XPath, please refer to the XPath Tutorial.

  • The value read is stored in the variable title.
Line 4: Output the title to the command window using the echo command

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