How to get current date and time?


You want to get the current date and time in yyyy-mm-dd_hh:min format


We get the current date and time using javascript.

Sample Code

js begin
function formatDate(date) {
    var d = new Date(date),
        mm = '' + (d.getMonth() + 1),
        dd = '' + d.getDate(),
        yy = d.getFullYear(),
        hh = '' + d.getHours(),
        min = '' + d.getMinutes();
    return [yy.toString(), (mm>9?'':'0')+mm, (dd>9?'':'0')+dd].join('-') + "_"+ (hh>9?'':'0')+hh+':'+(min>9?'':'0')+min;
now = formatDate(new Date());
js finish

echo "current date/time = "+now


If the current date and time is Aug 31, 2018 10:08pm, then you will see the following in the command window:

today = 2018-08-31_20:08


Line 1: Start of the javascript codes.
Lines 2-9: return the current date and time in "yyyy-mm-dd_hh:min" format.
Line 9: I'm using '-' to join the year, month and date.
You can change this to use other character, such as '_'. If you like to display the date as yyyymmdd, then put an empty string here ''.

If you're using this as filename, then most operating systems do not allow :. You will want to change this to something like:
return [yy.toString(), (mm>9?'':'0')+mm, (dd>9?'':'0')+dd].join('') + "_"+ (hh>9?'':'0')+hh+(min>9?'':'0')+min;
This will return the following as output:
today = 20180831_2008
If you only want the year displayed as 2 digits only e.g. 180831_2008, then use:
return [yy.toString().substr(2,2), (mm>9?'':'0')+mm, (dd>9?'':'0')+dd].join('') + "_"+ (hh>9?'':'0')+hh+(min>9?'':'0')+min;
Line 11: Store today's date in the variable now
Line 12: End of the javascript codes.
Line 14: Variables that are set using javascript can be accessed in TagUI.

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